[hobbit] Latest Snapshot

Francesco Duranti fduranti at q8.it
Mon Jan 30 10:33:58 CET 2006

Hi Henrik, 
Thanks for the good work!!

I've downloaded the snapshot but I cannot use it ... 
I've manually changed the hobbitnk.cfg file to put an host that exists
in my configuration but it seems that nkedit cannot get the
configuration (it didn't find that host/service) and if I try to insert
anything i get an Internal Error from apache. In the error_log i get:

Fri Jan 27 11:57:54 2006] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: hobbit-nkedit.sh, referer: 

I've also one question (and possibly one request if it can be
It's possible to create different configuration file for different group
Here I've some groups that are monitoring various servers/services
(windows server, network equipment, Web Logic Server and Apache Web
Server) and it can be really nice to have them go to different NK Page
(configuration) each one monitoring the objects they really need to

I'm also trying to create a comprehensive hobbit configuration program
that can edit all the files in the hobbit configuration (hosts, alert,
client, services, graphs, etc.). 
My unix programming skill are a bit old so I'm developing it in .NET for
windows (also because some of the user here that can need to modify the
configuration are windows people that know nothing about telnet or ssh
or vi :P).
The interface will be a MDI interface with one child-window for each
configuration file and it will be simple to include in the program new
configuration file of others addon (as the snmp or bb-msgs and so on).

At the moment I'm trying to understand how to get/put the file on the
hobbit machine and the simplest one is via ftp... I think I can get the
file also via the bbmessage.cgi but then I've to get via bbmessage.cgi
and put with ftp ...

Continue the good work!


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