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I was very silly, I thought that Windows didn't write to the files when using ntabackup. I have no working tapestation on my HP-UXserver, so I installed Samba and used ntbackup to backup my server. But Windows change a lot of long filenames. At least is that what I think happened. So almost everything stopped working.

But Samba was still running so I started to copy selected directories and config files to Windows. Since I think my mailserver is most critical I installed it on another HP-UXserver and got it to work

Now I have reinstalled HP_UX and all needed libraries, compilers and other software. I hope.

That's the background. 

I copied my Hobbit home directory back, and installed a new snapshot.  After some trial and error almost everything works. All datafiles are updated. Main view, All non green and NK view seems to work.

But when I click on History button I get: Cannot open history file. 
And no graphs are created.

It seems like the data-directory isn't accessible.

Lars Ebeling
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