temperature.sh I am almost their. PROBLEM connect to bbd failed.

McGraw, Robert P. rmcgraw at purdue.edu
Thu Jan 26 20:46:04 CET 2006

I have installed temperature.sh in ext and made a few fixes.

1) temperature.sh seems to need nawk and not awk so I had to set the in the
.sh file.

2) It has to pass the name temperature and not temp. This took me a little
time to figure out.

On the client I entered the following in the clientlaunch.cfg file

        ENVFILE $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/etc/hobbitclient.cfg
        CMD $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/ext/temperature.sh
        LOGFILE $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/logs/temperature.log
        INTERVAL 5m

This seems to be work just fine. I get the temperatue column and trends.

Now on the server I modified the server hobbitlaunch.cfg with the following 

# run dead-cat temperature.sh

                ENVFILE $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/etc/hobbitclient.cfg
                CMD $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/ext/temperature.sh
                LOGFILE $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/logs/temperature.log
                INTERVAL 5m

In my client directory temperature.logs I  get the following when I start

2006-01-26 14:29:43 connect to bbd failed - Connection refused
2006-01-26 14:29:43 Whoops ! bb failed to send message - Connection failed

Maybe this happens at the beginning of the start when temperature.sh cannot
contact bbd because it is not up yet.

Robert P. McGraw, Jr.
Manager, Computer System                 EMAIL: rmcgraw at purdue.edu
Purdue University                         ROOM: MATH-807
Department of Mathematics                PHONE: (765) 494-6055
150 N. University Street                   FAX: (419) 821-0540
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2067            
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