[hobbit] Network test time-outs

Larry Barber lebarber at gmail.com
Wed Jan 25 16:18:25 CET 2006

You can increase the timeout value on the bbnet-test program by adding a
-timeout=N to its invocation line in hobbitalerts.cfg. I've found just
increasing it to 15 seconds (from the default 10) makes a huge difference in
the number of timeouts I get.

Larry Barber

On 1/25/06, James B Horwath <JamesHorwath at glic.com> wrote:
> I am having an issue with Hobbit network tests.  There are times when
> network or (client) system congestion causes a network test such as SSH to
> fail.  The service is not down just slow, I receive a clear almost
> immediately after I receive the down.  To keep my sanity I need the network
> value upped.  In BB I was able to correct this by setting the variables
> BBNETTIMER[1-3] to higher values.  I wasn't able to find such a beast in
> Hobbit.  I opened the file bbtest-net.c and found the
> int             timeout=10;                     /* The timeout (seconds)
> for all TCP-tests */
> and
> int             extcmdtimeout = 30;
> I do not use ICMP as a connectivity test, I use ssh for up/down, to me
> that is more realistic.   I searched the mail archives and didn't find
> anything. Can I up the values on the time-out to make the test not fail so
> quickly?  Or anybody else have any suggestions on how to work around the
> issue.
> Please advise,
> Jim
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