MRTG & Hobbit

Chris Wopat chrisw at
Tue Jan 24 23:29:45 CET 2006

> cfgmaker generated the mrtg.cfg with all the interfaces on the switch. A
> little tweaking got it generating
> graphs correctly. The labels on each graph look mostly correct (i.e.
> .fa0_0_0 inbound and .fa0_0_0) {the . in front of
> the label name is why I say mostly correct, I don't really care much about
> that} so that is all good.
> Here's the question.
> The fa0_0_0 is useful for my network guy, but doesn't mean anything to me.
> Looking at the mrtg.cfg
> I see it has in it the info that would be useful to me. Here is a snippet
> (question below snippet)
> Title[mrtg.Fa0_0_0]: Traffic Analysis for Fa0/0/0 -- RPCFIR1
> PageTop[mrtg.Fa0_0_0]: <H1>Traffic Analysis for Fa0/0/0 -- RPCFIR1</H1>
>  <TABLE>
>    <TR><TD>System:</TD>     <TD>RPCFIR1 in </TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Maintainer:</TD> <TD></TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Description:</TD><TD>FastEthernet0/0/0 OA Link Subnet15
> </TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>ifType:</TD>     <TD>ethernetCsmacd (6)</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>ifName:</TD>     <TD>Fa0/0/0</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Max Speed:</TD>  <TD>12.5 MBytes/s</TD></TR>
>    <TR><TD>Ip:</TD>         <TD> ()</TD></TR>
>  </TABLE>


New to the list, this "reply" won't show up correctly in the archives. 
oh well.

What in this snippet is useful to you? I'm assuming it's 
"FastEthernet0/0/0 OA Link Subnet15", correct? MRTG creates these using 
cfgmaker. The man page of cfgmaker shows to use the "--ifref=SOMETHING" 
command to use other things as the description of the interface. You 
probably want:

	cfgmaker --ifref=descr public at


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