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I created two custom scripts, partly because I wanted to know how to do 
it, and partly because I have not seen anything that does quite what I was 
looking for. One of our DBAs wrote some SQL code that connects to a 
database to check it is up, in addition to my normal checking for pmon and 
other key processes using 'procs'. That works just the way it should. 

I have also had a few problems with a switch being reset or individual 
ports acting strangely which caused some of my servers to drop from 
100Mbit full duplex to 100-half, or even to 10-full. Because this affects 
LAN performance, especially remote backups using NetBackup master/client 
configs, I want to know if any servers switch from 100-full.

I found some inconsistencies between my RedHat AS 2.1, AS 3, and Fedora 
Core 3 and 4 servers because of different LAN adapters. mii-diag, mii-tool 
and ethtool are on all of my servers, and tend to give different results. 
I ended up trusting mii-diag more than ethtool but ethtool is the only one 
that runs on a few servers. I wrote an extension which sends me a yellow 
alert if any card drops from 100-full, or red if a card is not responding. 
Of course the card not responding is only useful if I have more than one 
LAN adapter configured, and I'll probably get other alerts anyway. Does 
anybody have a better (or for that matter any other) way of testing LAN 
card settings? Are there any other Linux tools than mii-diag, mii-tool and 
ethtool? Ideally, one program that can understand all devices rather than 
me having to use different ones on different servers.
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