[hobbit] bb-hosts "depends" with conn?

brandste at hebis.de brandste at hebis.de
Mon Jan 23 14:00:37 CET 2006

Hello Hobbit users,

a few days ago i asked whether "depends"
works with "conn"...
The answer from Craig: why not, conn is a test like others.

Happy with this prospect i tried to develop a testszenarion
for this.


 2 machines with a remote ip-interface
 with a dependencie like
     machineA depends on machineB

  i tried the following 2 definitions in "bb-hosts"

     group <H3><I>Local-Test-Sun</I></H3><br> machineB   # machineA   #  depends=(conn:machineB/conn)
     group <H3><I>Local-Test-Sun</I></H3><br> machineB   # machineA   #  conn depends=(conn:machineB/conn)

test:  disable ip-inteface for 15min

expectation:  machineB --> red
              machineA --> clear

   both indicators show "red"

is there a mistake in configuration from my side?
(wrong brackets, column....)


The present hobbit version: Hobbit Monitor 4.1.2p1

Thanks in advance

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