Wish: hobbitserver find option.

Werner (Ext Lists) wmlist_ext at terra.com.br
Mon Jan 23 13:42:26 CET 2006

> I would like to see that, when I choose the find-option from the menu,
> the carret moves immedeately to the box where you can enter data. Just
> like the way google works when you enter www.google.com. You can start
> typing directly; with the current Hobbit-version you have to hit the
> TAB-button first.


	If you allow (i´m still here, but a litle busy these last months),
I already have this suggestion implemented on my running hobbit, so I´ve
token 5 minutes to made a quick check on the files and build the
attached diff file, who should allow the requested "focus()" correctly
be set.
	Let me know any problems.


PS: 2 help, on already installed hobbit you could
 - put the diff file in ~server/web
 - run "patch --backup -p0 <findhost_web_form.diff"
 - reload http://<hobit_server>/hobbit-cgi/bb-findhost.sh  and the focus
should move to the test field.
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