[hobbit] cannot traverse to another network

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Jan 23 07:38:45 CET 2006

On Mon, Jan 23, 2006 at 10:54:27AM +0800, Great Dilla wrote:
> i recently set-up a hobbit server using fc4. it is doing the
> monitoring quite well.
> the server is on a 10.xxx.xxx.xxx private network. and i monitor
> solaris clients on a 137.xxx.xxx.xxx public network.
> relevant facts:
> ** the server is able to ping the client.
> ** the client is able to ping the server.
> ** the compiled hobbit client software is in its basic form, no other add-ons.
> ** client is able to create vmstat.$PID on the directory $HOBBITHOME/tmp
> ** client is able to create msg.txt in the same directory.
> ** no logs indicate failure on both server and client
> problem:
> ** the hobbit webpage for the client is empty (justs a "-") except for
> conn and trends.

1) Check the BBDISP setting on the client - in the file 
~hobbit/client/etc/hobbitclient.cfg . It must be the IP of your
Hobbit server.

2) Check that the hostname that the client reports - it's taken
from the "uname -n" command - matches the name you have in the
bb-hosts file. Some systems include the domain name, others don't.
If it doesn't match, either change the bb-hosts file or start the
client with the "--hostname=MY.HOBBIT.HOSTNAME" option.

3) Check that the client can connect to the server on TCP port 1984
(from the client, just do a "telnet ip.of.server 1984" and see
if it connects OK). There might be some firewall enabled on either
host that blocks this connection.

Most likely problem is 2).


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