cannot traverse to another network

Great Dilla great.dilla at
Mon Jan 23 03:54:27 CET 2006

i recently set-up a hobbit server using fc4. it is doing the
monitoring quite well.

the server is on a private network. and i monitor
solaris clients on a public network.

relevant facts:
** the server is able to ping the client.
** the client is able to ping the server.
** the compiled hobbit client software is in its basic form, no other add-ons.
** client is able to create vmstat.$PID on the directory $HOBBITHOME/tmp
** client is able to create msg.txt in the same directory.
** no logs indicate failure on both server and client

** the hobbit webpage for the client is empty (justs a "-") except for
conn and trends.

what seems to be my problem. or any misconfigured file.

any inputs and suggestions are very much appreciated.

thanks and regards,

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