[hobbit] Some newbie help

Rob Munsch rmunsch at solutionsforprogress.com
Thu Jan 19 19:20:27 CET 2006

I have to really, really, really, strongly disagree with this in heavily 
emphasized bold type.

With a monitor running on every important machine, one of the things I 
like is that only the hobbit user can run hobbit, and the hobbit user 
can't do anything else - including sudo.  It's important not to let 
'little holes' like this pile up.  The pile gets large rapidly.

I could go on at length about specifics but i'll leave that to your 
local security list.  No one except no one should be in sudoers except 
those that consistently need root privs and use them responsibly.  
Preferably trusted humans!

lars ebeling wrote:

> You should add user hobbit to sudoers.
> Lars
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>     *Subject:* [hobbit] Some newbie help
>     Can anyone help out a Linux newb with this error?
>     Execution of '/usr/local/sbin/fping -Ae' failed - program not suid
>     root?
>     I am migrating our monitoring from BB installed on Windows to
>     Hobbit on Linux.  I was able to successfully install FC4, all of
>     the Hobbit subcomponents, and Hobbit.  Just this one error has me
>     stumped.  I thought I corrected it by adding hobbit to the WHEEL
>     group on FC and then editing sudoers file to uncomment WHEEL, but
>     I still have the error.
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