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Michael Nemeth michael.nemeth at lmco.com
Thu Jan 19 13:13:37 CET 2006

First incoming from the mailing list are being blocked  so I  have to 
read the archive! I hope I can still

 >- I want to be able to trigger status-changes (and hence alerts) from 
the data that only goes into the graphs, currently. E.g. instead of >the 
CPU alert triggering if the load average goes above 5 (which is pretty 
meaningless nowadays), I'd like it to trigger a warning if the >%system 
time exceeds 20, or the %idle goes below 10. Or a "conn" alert if 
pingtime exceeds 250 ms. (I have a pretty solid idea about >how this can 
be implemented - and it's elegant enough that it would also work for 
data from custom graphs).

Aslo how about per-centage change , that cpu changed by 50% o disk change by 20 % either for  up or down or both way . 
See  http://www.i-pi.com/watcher.html
might be a good time to do this too.
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