[hobbit] Some newbie help

David Gilmore david at stenhouseconsulting.com
Wed Jan 18 21:56:21 CET 2006

I got it working with Jim's solution.  When I setup hobbit I simply ran
./configure.  For future reference, and seeing as how I want to install a
client on an OS X machine, should I specify the ./configure -server and


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Otherwise, check your sudoers file and see if wheel is the following


%wheel ALL=(ALL)       NOPASSWD: ALL


If it is, then when you setup hobbit server (doing the ./configure -server)
when it asks about the command for fping, put in sudo fping instead.





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As root, you need to change the owner of "fping" to root and the permissions
to 4755.



From: David Gilmore [mailto:david at stenhouseconsulting.com] 
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Subject: [hobbit] Some newbie help

Can anyone help out a Linux newb with this error?


Execution of '/usr/local/sbin/fping -Ae' failed - program not suid root?

I am migrating our monitoring from BB installed on Windows to Hobbit on
Linux.  I was able to successfully install FC4, all of the Hobbit
subcomponents, and Hobbit.  Just this one error has me stumped.  I thought I
corrected it by adding hobbit to the WHEEL group on FC and then editing
sudoers file to uncomment WHEEL, but I still have the error.


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