Telnet/ssh from Hobbit Display

Costa, Todd (DMH) Todd.Costa at
Fri Jan 13 17:41:34 CET 2006

Hello Listers,

I am wonder if its possible in Hobbit to establish a telnet/ssh session to a
host that's being monitored from the Display? If it can be done, how do I go
about doing it?

I have read about adding html tags in the header/footer files on the BB
archives which comes close to what I want but did not explain further. I did
not find anything in Deadcat. Google is great but there's way too hits to
sift through.

My goal is to connect to an old device via telnet/ssh from a link in Hobbit.
I realize telnet is taboo but the device is/can be isolated from outside
connections (managed IP's). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks for your input.

Todd M. Costa
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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