[hobbit] purple clients problem

Longina Przybyszewska longina at imada.sdu.dk
Fri Jan 13 13:49:31 CET 2006

On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Henrik Stoerner wrote:

>> in bb-hosts:
>> ----
>>   sieglinde.imada.sdu.dk
>>   zaira.imada.sdu.dk
>> ----
>> in ghosts:
>> reported host sieglinde
>> reported host zaira
>> -----
> The hostname you see in the "ghosts" list is the hostname the the
> clients use when they report data. This *must* match the one found
> in the bb-hosts file, or Hobbit will simply discard the client message
> because it doesn't know which host it belongs to.
> So you can either change your clients to use the "--hostname" option
> (e.g. use "--hostname=sieglinde.imada.sdu.dk" when calling
> runclient.sh), or add "CLIENT:sieglinde" to the entries in the
> bb-hosts file.

It seems to partly(!) explain my puzzle:)
The way client presents to the server obviously was changed in the 
last upgrade (the day since my problems started).
The workstations which were down during my hobbit uprade could after 
restart continue with old hobbit_client until they become først PURPLE 
then '-' and were not upgraded.

Still I don't understand why my 2 servers (sparc/solaris9) stay GREEN on 
display even if there is an obvious name mismatch - AND there is no 
shade for incoming data from both servers in clientdata.log! 
(I am running hobbitd_client with --debug option)

in bb-hosts:
----      bach.imada.sdu.dk            # ssh dns rpc=mount,nfs     mozart.imada.sdu.dk          # http://www.imada.sdu.dk

in ghosts:
----   reported host bach  reported host mozart

in ...client/tmp/msg.txt:
client bach.sunos
Fri Jan 13 13:37:05 MET 2006

client mozart.sunos
Fri Jan 13 12:43:58 CET 2006

fredag 13 januar 2006, 13:39:17 CET - Disk partitions on 
mozart.imada.sdu.dk OK
  fredag 13 januar 2006, 13:39:17 CET up: 164 day(s), 4 users, 77 procs, 


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