[hobbit] purple clients problem

Longina Przybyszewska longina at imada.sdu.dk
Thu Jan 12 14:08:32 CET 2006

>>> If you don't see any such message, then the hostname that the client
>>> reports is not listed in bb-hosts - you can see the "ghost" hostname
>>> in the status for the hobbit servers' "hobbitd" column.
>> I did the test, and I could see that the purple machines were not polled
>> by the server!
> Please try setting BBGHOSTS to "2" in hobbitserver.cfg. Restart Hobbit,
> and after 10 minutes check the "hobbitd" column on the Hobbit server.
> Are there any hosts listed there ?

Yes, all my missig clients are listed as ghost + 2 clients which are 
at both places (as ghosts and showing green dimonds)+ 1 client that just 
turned to purple.

in ghosts file IP numbers are translated to nonqualified names - if 
compared with bb-hosts:

in bb-hosts:
----   sieglinde.imada.sdu.dk   zaira.imada.sdu.dk

in ghosts: reported host sieglinde reported host zaira

I checked bb-hosts for special characters, and there are places where I 
use tabs instead of spaces - but it doesn't seem to have an influence.

>> hobbitd_client runs with --debug option, and the clientdata.log says:
>> ----
>> 2006-01-09 11:35:17 Semaphore wait aborted: Interrupted system call
>> 2006-01-09 11:35:49 Setting up client channel (id=7)
> I think you put the "--debug" on the wrong part of the command in
> hobbitlaunch.cfg. It must be at the end, like this:
> CMD hobbitd_channel --channel=client --log=$BBSERVERLOGS/clientdata.log hobbitd_client --debug

That's right! Now data i log ar quite different!

Is it something special I have to look for?


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