eternally purple hobbitd_client on the server box

Rob Munsch rmunsch at
Wed Jan 11 20:31:26 CET 2006

So I'm staring at

- Program crashed
Fatal signal caught!

from the purple hobbitd_client status for the server, which is very odd, 
considering the server (box itself, not just Hobbit binary...) has been 
completely restarted about an hour ago.

There were some horrible, horrible disk problems (many backups and a 
fsck.reiserfs later... don't ask) due to someone screwing building power 
whilst i was away and zapping this box with something like 5 restarts in 
half an hour.  ugh. 

However, having fixed everything else, and up and running from a clean 
boot, and ONLY running from the /hobbit/server dir...  i'm 
confused.  Hobbitd col shows green.  There's only one hobbitd_client 
running on the box, and it's the one that appeared when the server 
itself was started.

Why does this happen, and how can i stop it?


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