hobbit client configuration.

Thomas tlp-hobbit at holme-pedersen.dk
Mon Jan 9 21:56:18 CET 2006

Hi All,
I am looking at some strange behaviour  of the client part. I have 2 
servers with the hobbit client. In the hobbit-clients.cfg file I have 
written the following

   PROC heartbeat 7
   PROC syslogd
   PROC cron
   PROC sshd
   PROC httpd
   PROC ipvs

the same for both servers. Now if I go to the proc page I see "No 
process checks defined" and only in the event of an error does the right 
client configuration appear on the page, but only for a second after 
which it goes bach to "No process checks defined".

Running clients and servers on RHEL3 using hiobbit 4.1.2.p

Any thoughts ?

Regards, Thomas

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