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we are using virtual hostnames which are often transferred from one 
machine to another. So database.server and web.server might be hosted 
today on machine A and tomorrow on machine B. One machine can have 
several virtual hosts, each of them related to a service. We want hobbit 
to present all common data (like ssh, conn) for all these hosts 
($hostname and virtual hosts A and B) and we want the client to send 
data to the server using specific hostnames (e.g hostname xxx for 
external script A and hostname yyy for external script B).
How do I change the client's name before sending a message by an 
external script?
How can common data be presented for several hosts? I've seen the 
possibility to add "CLIENT:hostname" to bb-hosts. But I think that is 
not what we need. We don't want to change the hostname, but to present 
the same data send by a client by different names (more than one).

Thanks for your help!
kind regards

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