[hobbit] Using time in alerts

Michael Frey michael_frey at glic.com
Fri Jan 6 21:29:44 CET 2006

I am getting the following on my hobbitd page:

hostname ????.com in tree, but no host-info

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James B Horwath <JamesHorwath at glic.com> 
01/06/2006 03:16 PM
Please respond to
hobbit at hswn.dk

hobbit at hswn.dk

[hobbit] Using time in alerts

It appears using times for alerting is not working as I expect. 

I have this rule: 

        MAIL $UnixEmail  SERVICE=$UnixServices  REPEAT=15m RECOVERED 

        MAIL $UnixEmail SERVICE=$UnixServices REPEAT=60m RECOVERED 
        MAIL $UnixEmail SERVICE=$UnixServices  REPEAT=60m RECOVERED 

Based on these rules I would expect only one rule match at any time. 

But when I run the command: 
 /usr/local/hobbit/server/bin/bbcmd hobbitd_alert --test jimhost cpu 

I receive a message saying it matched three times. 

Shouldn't the time token apply to the rule? 

Please advise, 

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