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> I have had a linux rh 7.3 server running, and have had issues with the 
> history graphs.
> I tried to upgrade to Fedora C3, bit that looks to be missing some 
> important pieces.
> What would be the recommended version of Linux to avoid all of these 
> isuues?
> Redhat 9?

What missing important pieces?  I have run hobbit on Redhat9, Fedora 
Core 3, Fedora Core 4, Centos 3.x, Centos 4.x, and Solaris 10.

All of the installs required fulfilling various dependencies like 
rrdtool, libpng, etc. I would say the easiest install I did was on 
FC4...I'm not sure you will find an OS that will have all of hobbits 
dependencies available in the base packages branch, but with any 
decently new distro you should have pretty much everything available 
except rrdtool. 

If you are the kind of person who prefers to use RPMs for everything, 
check out Dags (http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/apt/packages.php), they 
have RPMs for most distros (redhat 7,9,fc1-4,EL3-4) including fping and 
rrdtool.  You can either download the rpms manually or add dag to your 
yum.conf so you can just do "yum install rrdtool" and it will 
automatically grab the dependencies too.

Note I don't recommend this method for everyone...some people are 
paranoid (rightfully so if security is a concern) and refuse to install 
binary releases and only install manually from tarballs.

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