[hobbit] Network tests stopped graphing

Scheblein, Adam adam.scheblein at marquette.edu
Fri Jan 6 16:47:28 CET 2006

I was using an old bb command from my previous bb installation, I found
the correct one and when I use it all it gives me is about 7 lines of
blank space.  The rrd files seem to be updating, but I am getting an
error in my rrd-status.log file

2006-01-06 07:24:20 RRD error updating
/usr/local/hobbit/data/rrd/HOSTNAME/tcp.ftp.rrd from
illegal attempt to update using time 1136553860 when last update time is
1136553860 (minimum one second step)

And this keeps repeating in the past

The messages that are coming through using the bbcmd listener look like:
status HOSTNAME.memory green Fri Jan  6 08:26:06 CST 2006 - Memory OK
   Memory              Used       Total  Percentage
&green Physical            980M       1024M         95%
&green Swap                 85M       1664M          5%


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On Thu, Jan 05, 2006 at 03:31:29PM -0600, Scheblein, Adam wrote:
> Henrik,
> I have noticed that I am starting to have similar problems, however
> are with the memory graphs and when I try to do bb
> "hobbitdboard host=HOSTNAME fields=msg"  (replacing HOSTNAME with the
> hostname) I get the following error:
> bb: Can't open

I don't know which "bb" command you're using, but that error message 
does not look like anything that I wrote in the Hobbit "bb" utility.
In fact, I checked and
   henrik at osiris:~/hobbit$ grep -i "can.t open" */*.c
finds no matches in my Hobbit sources.

A connect-error should give you either 
   "connect to bbd failed - <OS errortext>" 
   "Could not connect to bbd@<some more text>"

I think those two observations are un-related. Are your memory RRD files
being updated ? If not, are there any errors in the rrd-status.log file?
If you run (as the hobbit user) 
   bbcmd hobbitd_channel --channel=status grep -A 10 "^@@.*|memory|"
do any memory status updates appear for these hosts, and what do they
look like ?


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