[hobbit] purple pages?

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Fri Jan 6 08:16:57 CET 2006

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 11:50:17AM -0500, Wes Neal wrote:
> How do you tell Hobbit to page or not page on purple messages?
> This line I thought would do it, but the comment says that it isn't used by
> Hobbit.
> hobbitserver.cfg:PAGELEVELS="red purple"        # Status colors that trigger
> an alert. Used by 'bb' talking to bbd, not by Hobbit.
> I want to turn pages for purple statuses off.

You need to look at these settings in hobbitserver.cfg:

ALERTCOLORS="red,yellow,purple"                 # Colors that may trigger an alert message
OKCOLORS="green,blue,clear"                     # Colors that may trigger a recovery message

You can just remove the "purple" from the ALERTCOLORS setting.


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