[hobbit] NCV problems still

Wild, Phil Phil.Wild at asgardwealthsolutions.com.au
Fri Jan 6 07:39:25 CET 2006

Hi Tracy, 

Thanks for the response. If you are expecting the number of variables to
vary from one status message to the next then you need to write your own
parsing script and store the variables in individual RRD's ala how the
disk rrd's are built.

Fy first status message has a DEV line and a RUN line but it seems to
only process the DEV line. It has me stumped. I'm almost ready to give
up on the NCV functionality and write my own parsing script.




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}Hi Hobbit users,
}Is anyone successfully using the NCV functionality to trend statistics
}for more than one variable? I can not seem to get two variables into an
}RRD and have not been able to find any hints by searching the archives.
}The rrd is created but only ever has the first variable (DEV) in it.
}Is there a way of turning on some form of debugging for the process
that }parses the status messages and builds the rrd file?
}Everything else seems to work fine including an external larrd script
}that builds rrd data for sar.
}My status message looks like this:
}green Fri Jan 6 13:51:36 WST 2006
}DEV : 57
}RUN : 20

I was only able to get multiple variables into an rrd by deleting the
rrd and starting over, then it started saving all of the variables
properly.  I assume the rrd file can't really grow new variables.
I haven't yet figured out how to graph all of them though. 

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Information Technology Services
Iowa State University

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