[hobbit] NCV problems still

Tracy J. Di Marco White gendalia at iastate.edu
Fri Jan 6 07:24:38 CET 2006

In message <AE1139DB2EF72D46BAF3CCEA8AC2A2A14B6FD7 at perntex01.sealcorp.net.au>, "Wild, Phil" writes:

}Hi Hobbit users,
}Is anyone successfully using the NCV functionality to trend statistics
}for more than one variable? I can not seem to get two variables into an
}RRD and have not been able to find any hints by searching the archives.
}The rrd is created but only ever has the first variable (DEV) in it.
}Is there a way of turning on some form of debugging for the process that
}parses the status messages and builds the rrd file?
}Everything else seems to work fine including an external larrd script
}that builds rrd data for sar.
}My status message looks like this:
}green Fri Jan 6 13:51:36 WST 2006 
}DEV : 57
}RUN : 20

I was only able to get multiple variables into an rrd by deleting
the rrd and starting over, then it started saving all of the variables
properly.  I assume the rrd file can't really grow new variables.
I haven't yet figured out how to graph all of them though. 

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Information Technology Services
Iowa State University

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