[hobbit] Agentless clients

Scott Walters scott at PacketPushers.com
Thu Jan 5 22:04:38 CET 2006

> You can easily combine 1) and 2). Running something like this on the
> client-polling server would do it:

Wow, I should have known the hobbit client would have been this clean
already ;)

Real world:

[hobbit at myhost bin]# cat hobbitremote.sh
#!/bin/sh -x


echo "client $CLIENT.$CLIENTOS" >/tmp/msg-$CLIENT.txt
ssh bb@$CLIENT < /usr/local/hobbit/client/bin/hobbitclient-$CLIENTOS.sh
#$BB $BBDISP "@" </tmp/msg-$CLIENT.txt

[hobbit at dev1 bin]# time ./hobbitremote.sh
+ echo client aixserver.aix
+ ssh bb at aixserver
Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal.
ksh[39]: top:  not found.

real 0m7.525s
user 0m0.120s
sys  0m0.010s

Seven seconds.  But I am pretty sure 5 of that is the ps of the machine.

Needless to say, this would need to be parallel processed to handle
scaling, but its awesome how easy the proof of concept was.

Scott Walters

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