[hobbit] integrate hobbit with trouble ticket system?

Marco Avvisano marco.avvisano at regione.toscana.it
Thu Jan 5 09:13:04 CET 2006

Thanks Charles,
i'll try it


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Subject: Re: [hobbit] integrate hobbit with trouble ticket system?

> Here is the "scrip" I made for BigBro->RT.  Basically I sent a copy of all 
> BigBrother alerts to RT via the normal email gateway method, which creates 
> a ticket in the RT system.
> The following RT Scrip basically does the following:
> 1. Recognizing a resolved message via the resolved numeric code (0000000) 
> in the subject*
> 2. Parsing the BB event ID from the subject of the resolved message.
> 3. Search out the initial alert ticket that has the same ID
> 4. If nobody has claimed the ticket, set its status to resolved, and add a 
> note to the ticket indicating it was auto-resolved (This is by design as I 
> didn't want to auto-resolve tickets that a tech had claimed and was 
> working on).
> 5. Delete the ticket created by the recovery message (otherwise these 
> accumulate).
> *Note: Big Brother puts the alert ID in the resolved page, by default 
> Hobbit does not, so this will NOT work for Hobbit out of the box..  This 
> can perhaps be accomodated by either using a custom paging script, or 
> modifying the way Hobbit creates the subject line of recovery pages.
> The scrip uses the RT API, which looks a bit confusing if you don't know 
> the object names (Jesse helped me there), but the only thing that should 
> need tweaking is the regular expression in the first line, which matches 
> the standard BB recovery subject and parses out the event ID.
> I havn't used RT in some time, so I cannot guarantee this will work on the 
> latest version.
> If you are new to RT, please read up on RTs use of "Scrips" before you try 
> to implement this.
> --- start paste ---
> [cjones at crimson misc]$ cat RT-AutoResolveScrip.pl
> if ($self->TicketObj->Subject =~ /\!BB - 0000000\!.+(\d+)/) { # Detect BB 
> recovery page and parse ID
>  $RT::Logger->debug('############# AUTORESOLVING TICKET 
> ################');
>  my $id = $1;
>  my $tickets = new RT::Tickets($RT::SystemUser); # Open a new ticket
>  $tickets->LimitQueue(VALUE => ($self->TicketObj->QueueObj->Id));
>  $tickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => 'new');
>  $tickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => 'open');
>  while (my $ticket = $tickets->Next) { #Loop through all the new and open 
> tickets.
>        next if ($ticket->Subject!~/$id/); #Ignoring ones that do not have 
> the same event id.
>        $self->TicketObj->AddLink( Type => 'MemberOf', Target 
> =>$ticket->Id); #Link it to the alert ticket.
>        $ticket->SetStatus('resolved') if ($ticket->OwnerObj->Name 
> =~/Nobody/); #Resolve if nobody claimed it.
>        my $mimeobj = MIME::Entity->new();
>        $mimeobj->build(Type => 'text/plain', Data => 'Auto Resolved by Big 
> Brother'); #Add a comment.
>        $ticket->_NewTransaction(
>                 Type      => 'Comment',
>                 MIMEObj     => $mimeobj,
>        );
>  }
>  # Delete the BB recovery generated ticket.
>  $self->TicketObj->SetStatus('deleted') ;
> }
> return 1;
> ---- end paste ----
> -Charles
> Asif Iqbal wrote:
>>I know Charles Jones--member of this community--integrated Bigbrother with 
>>RT. He may explain you more. Also there was another person who integrated 
>>nagios with RT.
>>You may be able to search the RT mail archive through google to get
>>On Fri, Dec 30, 2005 at 10:20:07AM, Marco Avvisano wrote:
>>>Anyone have integrated hobbit with trouble system ?
>>>I'm tryng Request Tracker, it seems a good tool
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