Client Purple Problem (ANOTHER ONE)

Antonio Marques hobbitsam at
Mon Jan 2 19:10:50 CET 2006

I have set up a custom test in AIX to look for errors using errpt comand
(such as disk fail, lvm,  etc).
This test starts every 12 hours, first the server displays green status and
after some time it displays purple status (but if i click on it , everything
is ok).

The bb-purple.log shows:

Mymachine errpt (expired)

That's my clientlunch.cfg

        ENVFILE $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/etc/hobbitclient.cfg
        LOGFILE $HOBBITCLIENTHOME/logs/bb-errpt.log
        INTERVAL 12h

The bb-errpt.log is empty.

Is there a timeout setting ?

Regards and happy new year! ;-O
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