hobbit and bbmrtg.pl

Clay Maney cmaney at pronettech.com
Mon Jan 2 18:26:31 CET 2006

Here's the rundown:
-Debian Linux (new install as of about 2 weeks ago)
-Big Brother installed and working for basic monitoring of network equipment
-Hobbit installed and running for basic monitoring
-mrtg installed, and running in cron every 5 minutes and I can tell it's 
creating rrd files where I told them to go
-I added the blurb in hobbitlaunch.cfg from the pleiades.com website 
(after changing the directories to mirror mine... /home/hobbit...)
-I ran cfgmaker using the template file and created the config file for 
mrtg that I'm running above

I have no error messages in /var/log/hobbit/bbmrtg.log.

I *do* have error messages in rrd-data.log and rrd-status.log that say this:
<timestamp> tried to down BOARDBUSY: invalid argument

The problem is, I'm not getting any graphs or links to graphs... where 
should they show up?  I think I'm missing something *really* basic here.

Should I be telling it to put the graphs in a certain place?  Or the 
.rrd files in a certain place?  I know how to move the rrd files around, 
but where do I tell it to move the graphs?

Any help you can offer would be *greatly* appreciated.

Clay Maney

ps: yes, I've read 'perldoc bbmrtg.pl' and searched through the last 
years worth of archives on this list for anything involving 'mrtg', but 
I'm just missing it!

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