Hobbit System Logs - client did not report

Costa, Todd (DMH) Todd.Costa at state.ma.us
Tue Dec 27 18:48:56 CET 2005

Hello Hob-sters,

I have been testing my Hobbit server [4.1.2p1] for a number of weeks now.
Its working great and everything is going well so far with my test criteria.
I am wondering how do I fix the service type "msgs" of clear on my hobbit
server. The status is reporting the following: "No log data available; The
client did not report any logfile data." I am running Debian 3.1 (stable)
and I have used the server .deb from sourceforge. Do I need the client .deb
to fix this? Its not a huge issue but something I am trying to figure out.

Looking at the hobbitlaunch.cfg, the hobbitserver.cfg and hobbitclient.sh I
can see and follow the resulting tests to a msg.txt file created in
$BBHOME/TMP but its not getting back to the hobbit display. I have noticed a
runclient.sh but don't see where its launched or referenced in the cfg
files. Would this be the piece I am missing in my configuration? It appears
to be getting the data but its not going to the display. So any input is

Thanks in advance for responding to my questions.

Todd Costa
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

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