Default Host Entries

Jeff Stuart jeff at
Thu Dec 22 00:35:26 CET 2005

Ok.. I've seen a couple of differing definitions of the "default" host
entry.  And I have a couple of questions.

1) Which is the proper entry for a default host entry?
.default.   # Tags/tests .default. # Tags/tests

2) Do the default entries merge with what's listed in a specific host? 
IE if say my default includes a test for the FTP server and I don't want
a specific host to test FTP so I put !ftp.  Who wins?

3) If I have multiple files that get included into my bb-hosts file and
I setup default entries in each, do the default entries get scope?  IE
if I setup a default in file A, and then include file B does the default
entry in file A only apply to file A?  And what if I setup a default
entry in bb-hosts.  Does it get overridden in each of the includes or do
they merge?

Jeff Stuart
Network Admin

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