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Marco Avvisano marco.avvisano at
Wed Dec 21 14:39:42 CET 2005

Hi all,

i have installed (last version) + 14all.cgi on my hobbit server. I 
have 3 problems.

1) The link to the daily traffic is incorrect:


I use the directive Directory: in my mrtg cfg file. I solved change

from :

if ($MRTGCGI eq '14all.cgi') {
            $imgUrl = "$MRTGBASEURL/$IMGDIR?log=$target&$IMGTYPE=daily";
            $htmlUrl = "$MRTGBASEURL/$HTMLDIR?log=$target";

if ($MRTGCGI eq '14all.cgi') {
            $imgUrl = 
            $htmlUrl = "$MRTGBASEURL/$HTMLDIR?log=$routers2_target";

2) I try to change the general threshold (in, but nothing change 
on the traffic page (on the rules), and no warning
    or critical colour is displayed

3) No value are for current traffic (In: xxx Out: xxx)

someone have the same problems ?


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