[hobbit] Big Bro TO Hobbit

FIGARO Nicolas nfigaro at effigie.fr
Mon Dec 19 15:42:31 CET 2005

there is a difference between the big brother and the hobbit rrd directory structure. 
so : 
- backup your rrd files 
- run the moverrd.sh script attached with this mail (it was shipped with some versions of hobbit). 
- if it still doesn't work, try a rrdtool dump from solaris, then moverrd. sh (you have to patch the moverrd.sh to move the generated xmls), then rrdtool restore. 
you'll probably have to dump/restore if you're using different rrdtools (different versions). 
I found a moverrdxml.sh, which should include the xml move and rrd restore. 
take a look at this one as it may help also. 
Nicolas Figaro 

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	I'm upgrading from Big Brother to Hobbit after over 3 years on the old beast.  The problem I'm having is moving the 'rrd' files from Solaris to AIX.  It isn't just the naming convention...the file structure itself is apparently different.  Has anyone done this or do I have to over-heat my brain trying to figure it out myself?  <grin>
	This is probably a question for the the 'rrdtool' folks, but since many people have upgrade from BB to Hobbit I thought this might be a good place to start.
	Jim Smith
	Unix Systems Administrator
	St. Vincent Health Systems
	Little Rock, AR


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