[hobbit] Client interval question

Scott Walters scott at PacketPushers.com
Thu Dec 15 09:23:40 CET 2005

> Sure, but we'd see up to 13 hours between dns 'red', when BB would
> get several in that period.
> I haven't changed hobbit yet to 1 minute checks.  I've even made
> an explicit explanation that I wasn't planning to shorten it to
> 1 minute checks when we officially switched over, and that was
> agreed to.  However, with the fact that the 1 minute checks did
> actually make a difference in tracking down and solving the problem
> with DNS, I may yet have to work on that change.

It sounds like your shop is so tidy that you would have found it and  
fixed it anyway.  It was just a little brighter with the shorter  

> We'll see what
> kind of feedback I get after today.  Even then, the only thing I'd
> really be willing to shorten to that frequency of checks are the
> remote checks, over the network.

I believe hobbit has great 're-test' logic.  So if it is down, it  
will test more frequently . . . .

> I thought it was unnecessary when I originally brought BB into
> production years ago, but it was one of the requirements I ended
> up with to sell switching to BB.  Some things can't be checked
> every minute, I have raid checks that can take more than a
> minute to run.

On the client, 1m samples are opening Pandora's Box . . . .


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