NOTICEs are not sent when enable or disable "all"

Charles Jones jonescr at
Sat Dec 10 20:51:04 CET 2005

I just built a new hobbit server with 4.1.2p1 and I am still seeing the 
behavior of, if you enable or disable "all" services for a host, it does 
not trigger the NOTICE rule and thus no email is sent out.  Below are 
the last 2 messages I sent reporting this problem.


Charles Jones wrote:

> I am stiil trying to troubleshoot my missing enable messages, so I 
> deleted the NOTICE rule mentioned below and created a new rule:
> ---
> # Send me notice alerts of enable and disable
> HOST=*
>         MAIL me at NOTICE NOALERT
> ---
> I then proceeded to disable 2 services on a host. I observed that I 
> received a disable notification, both by actual receipt of the email, 
> and by tail -f /var/log/maillog.
> Then I enabled the services (by enabling "ALL" for that host), 
> and...nothing. No mail was sent, as verified by my tailing of the log.
> I then immediately disabled ALL services on another host, and no mail 
> was sent.
> I then immediately re-enabled ALL services on that same host, and no 
> mail was sent.
> Through testing I discovered that when you disable or enable _"ALL"_ 
> services on a host, no NOTICE message is generated.  If I disable or 
> disable _individual_ services, notice messages are generated and an 
> email is sent out.
> If you need me to do further testing, let me know.
> -Charles
> Charles Jones wrote:
>> 1. When I disable a host in hobbit, it says it was disabled by 
>> unknown at <mailto:unknown at>.
>> In the bb script, it had an option to put a username, but I 
>> don't see an option to do this in the Hobbit Maint page, so is 
>> "unknown" hard coded, or does it look for it somewhere else?
>> 2. I added the "NOTICE" rule to my hobbit-alerts.cfg
>> MAIL me at <mailto:me at> RECOVERED NOTICE
>> I then tested disabling the cpu service for a host, and I received an 
>> email with the disable message:
>> -----
>> From: hobbit at <mailto:hobbit at>
>> Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 5:01 PM
>> To: me at <mailto:me at>
>> Subject: Hobbit servername:cpu NOTICE
>> servername:cpu INFO
>> Monitoring of servername:cpu has been DISABLED by unknown for 240 minutes
>> Disabled by: unknown @
>> Reason: testing disable notice
>> -----
>> This is what I expected to get.  However, I then went and re-enabled 
>> the disabled service, and I did not get an email saying it was 
>> re-enabled.  I checked the /var/log/maillog to make sure that it 
>> wasn't a mail delay.  There simply was no email sent about the 
>> enable.  I assume this isn't normal behavior :)
>> -Charles

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