[hobbit] Status Changes Question

PNIXON at ci.somerville.ma.us PNIXON at ci.somerville.ma.us
Thu Dec 1 19:17:59 CET 2005

 I thought my logic was broken there.

 Thanks for the reply.


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On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 11:10:25AM -0500, PNIXON at ci.somerville.ma.us wrote:
>  However, if the status goes red, and then during the next cycle of the
> script, it goes green, HobbitServer changes the status to green, even
> the red was sent with status+30
>  Ideally the behavior I'm looking for is....
>  Time		Status	
>  0		Green		
>  15		Red		
>  30		Green	(Hobbit ignores this because it was red for only 15
> minutes, not 30 minutes)
>  45		Green (Hobbit changes the test status to Green now, because
> it's been 30 minutes).
> If it doesn't make sense, please send follow up questions so I can flesh
> out some more.

It's just not the way Hobbit (or BB, for that matter) works. The latest
status received is always the current one - sending a status with "+30"
only indicates that an update must be received within 30 minutes. It
doesn't mean that this status is valid for 30 minutes no matter what
else is received.

>From my point of view, sending a "green" for a status that is down
is broken. Either send another "red", or don't send anything at all.


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