Status Changes Question

Thu Dec 1 17:10:25 CET 2005

Hey all,
 I'm looking to add hobbit to a script I have.

 I've coded in sending the messages at the appropriate places with the right
colors based on the situation.

 However, if the status goes red, and then during the next cycle of the
script, it goes green, HobbitServer changes the status to green, even though
the red was sent with status+30

 Ideally the behavior I'm looking for is....

 Time		Status	
 0		Green		
 15		Red		
 30		Green	(Hobbit ignores this because it was red for only 15
minutes, not 30 minutes)
 45		Green (Hobbit changes the test status to Green now, because
it's been 30 minutes).

If it doesn't make sense, please send follow up questions so I can flesh it
out some more.


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