[hobbit] new hobbit install, small mod request

FIGARO Nicolas nfigaro at effigie.fr
Wed Aug 31 08:40:49 CEST 2005

The df command is in the $HOBBIT/client/bin/hobbitclient-netbsd.sh script. 

You can modify this script and add "null" to the list of df excludes. 

Nicolas Figaro 

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> Objet : [hobbit] new hobbit install, small mod request
> I installed hobbit over the weekend on what was to be my new 
> BB servers, and I'm impressed, and things have gone pretty 
> well converting from BB to hobbit.  I'm very impressed by the 
> trending, and the difficulty I was having integrating larrd 
> into BB was the impetus for my changing. I have one BBDISPLAY 
> & one BBNET.
> I use NetBSD, and I would like to see a small change that 
> shouldn't be problematic.
> I'd like the df test in the NetBSD client to include 'null' 
> as a filesystem to exclude, so basically just changing: df -P 
> -tnonfs,kernfs,procfs,cd9660 to df -P 
> -tnonfs,kernfs,procfs,cd9660,null
> On NetBSD, null mounts are loopback, so they're a duplication 
> of an already existing filesystem.
> Tracy J. Di Marco White
> Information Technology Services
> Iowa State University
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