new hobbit install, small mod request

Tracy Di Marco White gendalia at
Wed Aug 31 08:36:24 CEST 2005

I installed hobbit over the weekend on what was to be my new BB servers,
and I'm impressed, and things have gone pretty well converting from BB
to hobbit.  I'm very impressed by the trending, and the difficulty I
was having integrating larrd into BB was the impetus for my changing.
I have one BBDISPLAY & one BBNET.

I use NetBSD, and I would like to see a small change that shouldn't
be problematic.

I'd like the df test in the NetBSD client to include 'null' as a
filesystem to exclude, so basically just changing:
df -P -tnonfs,kernfs,procfs,cd9660
df -P -tnonfs,kernfs,procfs,cd9660,null

On NetBSD, null mounts are loopback, so they're a duplication of
an already existing filesystem.

Tracy J. Di Marco White
Information Technology Services
Iowa State University

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