[hobbit] Custom tests

mario andre rower.master at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 15:02:56 CEST 2005


To run the externals tests you have to use the client, the bb-client
or the hobbit-client. Put the scripts in the ext folder and put the
::script.sh;300 line in the bb-bbexttab.

Then the hobbit Server will print your tests. 
You can run a client in the same machine your Hobbit Server is installed.


On 8/25/05, Matti Klock <matti at saffron.net> wrote:
> Hello --
> I recently switched from Nagios to Hobbit. So far I am MUCH happier.
> My problem: I have some custom Nagios plugins that I need to port to
> Hobbit (scripts that test SMTP error codes under certain conditions, for
> example). I've searched the list archives and the manpages with no luck.
> Big Brother has bb-exttab, but Hobbit seems to ignore that.
> Should the scripts be run directly from hobbitlaunch? Are there any
> guidelines for the output format they should use?
> I apologize if I've missed something obvious. Thank you!
> Matti
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