[hobbit] RE : [hobbit] Memory Leak?

Gerard Lill Gerard at ets.biz
Thu Aug 25 10:06:09 CEST 2005

I checked the hobbit.sh script - the line is exactly right, no typo's, and the path's are valid.

Hobbit is installed in /hobbit/ becasuse RH and apache wouldn't play nice when I first installed to /home/hobbit.  (I am sure this was a mistake I was making, but installing to /hobbit fixed all my problems)

The original hobbit build was compiled from source (v4.0.4) a few months ago, and it has run pretty much without a single problem for a while.  I followed the install guide step by step for the original build, and nothing seems to have changed on that page since.

It really has been fine until last week; which interestingly co-incided with some problems we were having with battery backup units which caused some problems on the Windows servers in the same rack.  Could this be related?


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It's not usual to install hobbit in /hobbit. 
Perhaps did you forget one of the installation tasks described at http://hobbitmon.sourceforge.net/docs/install.html
I guess that some settings aren't good in your hobbit.sh starting script. 

How did you install hobbit : 
- rpm 
- compilation from sources 

check your hobbit.sh script for a ligne which looks like 
~hobbit/server/bin/hobbitlaunch --config=~hobbit/server/etc/hobbitlaunch.cfg --env=~hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg --log=/var/log/hobbit/hobbitlaunch.log --idfile=/var/log/hobbit/hobbitlaunch.pid

(just replace the ~hobbit with your full path to hobbir dir). 

Hope this'll help. 

Nicolas Figaro 

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Hi All -
Am getting an error in my log files (hobbitlaunch.log):
"Configuration error, unknown dependency xxx"
Where xxx = bbstatus ->hobbitd
            = bbhistory ->hobbitd (etc etc for all of them)
And after those errors "Cannot open env file /hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg" - no such file or directory.
The trick is - I have checked the path, and it's all absolutely correct (in addition to which I have not changed a thing since t stopped working)
This started happening when I was running 4.0.4, but have since updated (re-installed) version 4.1.1 over the top in a failed attempt to fix it...
Anyone have any ideas before my trigger happy colleagues make me ghost it back to the stone ages?  (FYI - I am a total Linux novice.)  I ram running RH 9 if that makes a difference...
Thanks in advance... 

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