http test on switches - fail

Chuck Morrison cmorrison at
Thu Aug 25 00:36:55 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I've set up hobbit (4.1.1) to check for http, conn and ssh on some 
switches, but the results have been mixed. All the switches have web 
interfaces and I can get to each of them via any browser.

Some of the lower end switches don't appear to send any identifying 
information back to the hobbit server. For these switches Hobbit shows a 
time for the http connection and graphs it, but shows red and no 
identifying info. Hobbit shows a time, graph and green for the high end 
switches that return some info about the http server used.

Is there a way to flag this http test so it doesn't go red if it doesn't 
receive anything but a connection time ? Or am I misunderstanding how 
this works ?

Chuck Morrison

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