Combo Test

Antonio Marques hobbitsam at
Wed Aug 24 22:12:37 CEST 2005

I having many problems setting bbcombotest
I have setted this combotest ing bbcombotest.cfg

Flexlm.zeh = (lic1.zeh + lic2.zeh + lic3.zeh) >= 2

lic1, lic2 and lic3 are servers
zeh is the license I want to monitor at this redundant servers.
Flexlm is not a server.

In bb-host, I have this entry:         Flexlm          # noconn zeh nopropred=,zeh

 Sometimes this work, somethimes dont. I recieve this msg :

zeh NOT ok : DNS lookup failed
Unable to resolve hostname Flexlm

What can I use ?  --no-ares ???


Antonio Marques

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