[hobbit] my turn to thank henrik

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Mon Aug 22 20:01:25 CEST 2005

How are your rrd graphs looking for the 1500 hosts? I also have a large
site but rrd graphs are not updating reliably. Other things work fine.

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4 weeks ago, i switched from bbgen3.5 to hobbit 4.1.1
i have a rather large site (over 1500 hosts)
hobbit just works; and is much more stable and efficient than bb.

i really encouraged those of you who havent switched yet, of course it'll
take a
couple days to tweak all the little things that differ from bb.. but hobbit
much more potentiel.
i am doing more and more; under bb i was kind of stuck by performance and

thank you henrik for this great open-source software.
thank you henrik for your precious support and for being so available for

and there is more great software coming down the line :)

Best regards,

Olivier Beau

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