[hobbit] bug, alarming on memory?

David Gore David.Gore at mci.com
Wed Aug 17 20:29:26 CEST 2005

Shouldn't I get a warning alarm.  There are no specific MEMxxx settings 
in hobbit-clients.cfg for this specific host, but it fails to work for 
the hosts where I do have MEMxxx settings.

Physical           5903M       6144M         96%
Swap               3679M      17356M         21%

# These are the built-in defaults.
UP      1h
LOAD    5.0 10.0
DISK    * 90 95
SWAP    90 95
MEMACT  90 98

I have never received a memory alarm, and I do have several hosts using 
more than 90% CPU, quite a number more than 95%.  Where should I look?

David Gore (v965-3670)
Enhanced Technology Support (ETS)
Network Management Systems (NMS)
IMPACT Transport Team Lead - SCSA, SCNA
Page: 1-800-PAG-eMCI pin 1406090
Vnet: 965-3676

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