[hobbit] Hobbit 4.0.4 released - Alert Script Issue

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Aug 16 16:24:13 CEST 2005

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 04:03:06PM +0200, Peter Welter wrote:
> Although it *has* worked before, our Hobbit server 4.0.4 has a problem
> now whereas it is not running external alert-script anymore?! When
> running hobbitd_alert it says it would run the script where in fact,
> it does not; again anymore?!

Anything unusual in the /var/log/hobbit/page.log file ?

> Hobbit has been installed using the sources, running "rpmbuild
> --rebuild hobbit-4.0.4-1.src.rpm". It did run the external scripts, so
> what has changed? We applied during our maintenance window the SLES9
> patches. It has not reported since then, when I think of it. So, is
> there a library missing? Any suggestions?
> '/usr/local/bb/consigne.ksh' and recipient 006XXXXXXXX

What happens if you login as the hobbit user and run the script like

BBALPHAMSG="Just a test" \
ACKCODE="12345" \
RCPT="006xxxxxx" \
BBHOSTNAME="some.host.name" \
BBSVCNAME="conn" \
BBSVCNUM="300" \
BBHOSTSVC="some.host.name.conn" \
BBHOSTSVCCOMMAS="some,host,name.conn" \
BBNUMERIC="30001000000000112345" \

That's basically what Hobbit does when running the script.


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