[hobbit] Virtual hosts, floating IPs, clustering

David Gore David.Gore at mci.com
Fri Aug 12 22:07:15 CEST 2005

Rolf Schrittenlocher had asked about virtual hosts and monitoring 
thereof, the emails are on 07/31 and 08/01.  Someone perhaps Henrik 
mentioned use the CLIENT tag in bb-hosts.  I tried that and it didn't 
seem to work (statuses were not sent for both hosts listed to the web 
page), not that it would really resolve my issue anyway.

Henrik, you did mention HP-UX clusters and that is what we are using 
more specifically DGUX clusters, but the concept is the same.  You have 
several systems with fixed IPs and a service with its own IP that can 
run on one or more of the systems with the fixed IPs.

What we did with the BB client was added a second line to all the shell 
scripts (CPU, MEM, etc...) to send a status for the service or virtual 
hostname in addition to the physical or fixed hostname.  Yes, that gives 
us two sets of the same data, but we can live with that.  Additionally 
our external scripts would send statuses for the service or virtual host 
as needed.  I did have to write a script to move BB client configs 
(typically the tab files) around when the service moved.

I have two copies hobbitlaunch running and everything is green as I 
would like.  Perhaps just rewriting runclient.sh two accomodate two 
instances would work.  One instance for the physical host and one for 
the virtual/service host?  Thoughts?

thisHost> ./runclient.sh --hostname thisHost
thisHost> ./runclient.sh --hostname thisService_on_thisHost


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