[hobbit] hobbit-clients.cfg bug?

David Gore David.Gore at mci.com
Fri Aug 12 06:18:27 CEST 2005


         PROC "%some_1_proc" 0
         PROC "%some_2_proc" 0
         PROC "%some_3_proc" 0

web page:

green %some_1_proc (found 1,  req. none)
green %some_2_proc (found 1,  req. none)
green %some_3_proc (found 1,  req. none)

I would have hoped that the processes would have alarmed 'red' since I 
was expecting 0 processes?  I was trying to mimic the '!' function from 
BB in bb-proctab.

David Gore (v965-3670)
Enhanced Technology Support (ETS)
Network Management Systems (NMS)
IMPACT Transport Team Lead - SCSA, SCNA
Page: 1-800-PAG-eMCI pin 1406090
Vnet: 965-3676

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