Send just one alert only?

Wes Neal wes.neal at
Thu Aug 11 17:56:59 CEST 2005

What if you want to just send one alert after waiting 10 minutes and no
more?  Can you have two durations on one rule? Such as DURATION > 10
DURATION < 15.  When I tried that it did not seem to work.

Also, this is working correctly but I am trying to find the setting for
this.  I get an alert on a purple and red, and by alert I mean an email I
have setup in the alerts file.  I do NOT get one on a yellow, though the
webpage is updated for the yellow alarm.  Where is this setting.  I thought
to find it in hobbitserver.cfg but all I see there are PAGELEVELS and all 3
colors are listed in it.

Thanks again

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