[hobbit] HHTPS test through a HTTP proxy

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Thu Aug 11 17:53:38 CEST 2005

On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 05:31:48PM +0200, Frédéric Mangeant wrote:
> Hi again
> I'm trying to monitor a HTTPS URL through a HTTP proxy with this in my 
> bb-hosts :
> http://xx.xx.xx.xx:3128/https://www.host.com

Since it's documented, it is not a bug. From "man bb-hosts",
the "HTTP Testing via proxy" section:

   Note that it is not possible to test https-sites via a
   proxy [...]

> This syntax works with bbgen 2.16.

Yep, the cURL library used by bbgen 2.x supports the proxy CONNECT
method required for this. bbgen 3.x and Hobbit don't.

(And I might add that this is the first time anyone has asked for it).


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